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This community blog is for announcing, recommending, watching, and discussing videos created by folks in the fan fiction communities that fall outside the traditional categories of fanvids.

Examples of the types of alternative vids that can be announced here:

Vids about original fiction, original art, original doujinshi, etc. If they're your characters, and if you've created an original work that's intended to be enjoyed by people in the various fan fiction communities, it's fine to announce the vid here.

Vids about fandoms that aren't based on movies, television, video games, anime, manga, or comics. Any fanvid that isn't about these six categories of media can be announced here – for example, a fanvid about a historical character or a literary character. If your characters have appeared in those six categories of media, but your fanvid isn't about those media versions of the characters, it's fine to announce the vid here.

If you want to announce another type of vid that falls outside the traditional categories of vidding, just e-mail the moderator, and we can discuss whether it's appropriate for this community.

Any type of discussion related to alternative videos is fine. Long posts should make use of an lj-cut.

The moderator of this community is duskpeterson, who also moderates booktrailers.


Adult supervision is recommended for minors visiting this blog, as videos with mature content will sometimes be announced and recommended here.


Please provide the following information in some form or another.

Video creator:
Title: [If the vid is about your original fiction, etc., please provide the title of the original work.]
Fandom and pairing: [If it's an original work, just say so.]
Genre: [Gen, het, slash, yuri, etc. If telling the genre would be a spoiler, just say so.]
Rating: [This can be a specific rating, such as PG, or a general statement, such as, "My vid is for mature audiences."]
Link to the video:

Some other information you might consider including is the music title, the music composer/artist, the format and size of the file, and any needed warnings about sensitive content.

It's all right to embed your video, but only if you do so behind an lj-cut.


Any type of source material can be used, such as art, photos, music, and films. If you're announcing a fanvid, though, be sure that your fandom isn't based on any of the six forbidden categories of media. For example, you could announce a vid about the historical character of Teddy Roosevelt, and the vid could use documentary film footage of him. But you can't announce a fanvid here that's about a movie on Teddy Roosevelt.

Vid makers are strongly encouraged to use public domain or licensed source material. Here are some places to find material that we can freely use in our vids.

Creative Commons: Audio, Video, Image. Creative Commons is a set of licenses that allow you to use other people's copyrighted works without paying a fee. Look under the Featured Sites headings for archives of public domain and licensed works. See also About Creative Commons.

Wikipedia Commons. Public domain or licensed images, audio, and video.

Internet Archive. Includes a good deal of public domain, open source, or licensed audio and film. Be sure to check the copyright notice for the file.

Also, Wikipedia: Public Domain provides guidance on which works fall into the category of public domain.


If you post your work at a video hosting site such as YouTube, here are some suggested tags:

* originalfic: For videos promoting original fiction. (The "fanfic" tag is already in use for videos promoting fan fiction.)
* fictrailer: For videos promoting either original fiction or fan fiction.
* booktrailer: For videos promoting fiction that takes the form of a book or e-book. (This tag is also used by people outside the fan fiction communities.)

If you have an idea for another tag that would be helpful for creators of alternative vids, just post it at this community.


Some of these LJ communities may allow you to post your alternative vids. If you're not sure, it's best to ask them.

Animation Fanvid Communities

* amv
* ink_vids

Live-Action Fanvid Communities

Some of these may permit non-live-action vids.

* fan_vids
* fandomvideos
* sff_vidding
* vidding
* vidding_archive

Non-Fan Video Communities

* booktrailers (videos about books and other writings, both general and mature)
* boytube (gay videos)
* naughty_videos (erotic videos)
* pornotube (PornoTube videos)
* u_tube (YouTube videos)
* youtubedotcom (YouTube videos)